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November 2021

ICRON launches inaugural Generousity Bowl at MTRC Conference championships.  Students sort and package Thanksgiving meals for 100 families.

November 2021

ICRON teams compete in first State Championships as stand alone teams--High School boys and Girls.  Middle school plays Motley match with Warriors and TRA.

May 2021

4 of 4 Seniors from the ICRON 2020-2021 program graduate from LEAD Academy.

April 2021

Girls program joins with Sumner County Rugby and Raptor Rugby to win the TN State Championship and finish ranked #10 nationally by Goff ranking.

Spring 2021

Girls program joins with Sumner County Rugby and Raptor Rugby for the Spring season.  Boys join with Sumner County Rugby.

November 2020

ICRON students partner with LEAD Academy to assemble and deliver Thanksgiving baskets to 35 families. 


Funds provided by the Atlas Foundation with matching contributions from ICRON donors provide for the turkeys.

Fall  2020

Metro schools remain virtual from the COVID pandemic.  ICRON decides to partner with Sumner County Rugby to provide our seniors an opportunity to play.  ICRON provides player transportation to practice and games, and assists with coaching new girls program at Sumner County Rugby.  Boys finish 3rd in state!

Summer 2020

Practices or contact with players not permitted in response to COVID pandemic.  ICRON establishes 12 week virtual conditioning program open to all students of LEAD Academy leveraging the Teambldr application and Strength and Conditioning materials from 180 degree Athletics.  Texting becomes vehicle for maintaining relationships with players and coaches.

May 2020

5 of 5 ICRON students from LEAD Academy graduate!

April 2020

Oakland Warthog program communicates closure of their fantastic program after 13 years.  They offer to transfer their considerable equipment and substantial financial assets to ICRON.  Equipment includes scrum and rucking sled, various tackling bags, first aid equipment, shoes and more.  Overall, this donation advanced the ICRON program by years.

March 2020

COVID!  Season and school abruptly halted following an impressive win in our final game.

Spring 2020

ICRON and LEAD Academy partner to provide Rugby as an option to their students.  MICR offers to provide registration fees to cover first 20 students.  We begin with 12 boys and 6 girls in our inaugural season.  Surrounding clubs show solidarity by hosting practice sessions with our students and providing players to fill out our roster for games.  Our girls play exclusively with Raptor Rugby.

September 2019

Inner City Rugby of Nashville officially launched.

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