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Bringing students forward to realize their athletic, academic, and emotional potential by connecting, discovering, and nurturing the person they are born to be.  Our intent is to put our student athletes on the positive side of the post high school statistics.


Who and Why

We serve the male and female students of Nashville’s inner-city schools that may not have the resources to provide a full offering of traditional athletics.  We believe that, through value-based coaches and leaders, we have an opportunity to bring connection and a sense of belonging to the student athletes that complements and extends their education outside the traditional classroom.


We believe the game of Rugby and the associated Rugby community provide unique characteristics that are especially attractive to realizing our mission.  First, it is affordable and, with minimal support, Rugby can be offered as a zero cost option for the schools and athletes.  Second, there is a unique solidarity that crosses the boundaries of individual teams, skill levels, and countries associated with the game.  We use the word solidarity to refer to those ties in society that bind people together as one.



  • Provide value-based coaching with an emphasis on the foundational elements of the game itself: 


                                        * Integrity * Passion * Solidarity * Discipline * Respect *

  • Maintain connection with student athletes 12 months a year through supplemental programming.

  • Engage the Nashville community through awareness, sponsorship, and results.

Supplemental Programs (Depending on funding)

  • Coach development (youth development skills)

  • Post high school planning

  • Leadership development

  • ACT Prep

  • Full Body Fitness

  • Guest presenters

  • Mentoring

  • College recruitment visits

  • All-Star and USA Rugby opportunities

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